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What are the Benefits of Concrete Lego Blocks?

What are the benefits of concrete lego blocks?

Everyone has played with Lego at some point in their lives. The colourful assortment of blocks helped users across the globe create (and demolish) sculptures at all levels of complexity. And this was achieved with the most simple, and yet ingenious, of designs.

The success of Lego as a building apparatus has led to the design being used as apparatus in actual, large-scale construction projects. Concrete Lego blocks are now available for commercial construction projects.

The article below will explain what concrete Lego blocks are, their benefits and their applications.

concrete lego blocks


What are concrete Lego blocks?

Concrete Lego blocks are solid concrete blocks that feature interlocking nipples akin to plastic lego pieces. They are perfect for projects that are temporary or require quick turnarounds because no groundwork or fixing is needed. They simply fit together like Lego blocks to create a sturdy structure.


What are the benefits of concrete Lego blocks?

Concrete Lego blocks have many benefits that make them useful in a variety of construction applications. In addition to being quick to fit together, there are many other benefits to Lego Blocks, including :

Freeze-thaw resistance

Concrete Lego blocks won’t be fractured by freezing temperatures.


Resistance to extreme weathering

Concrete Lego blocks have a high level of resistance against torrential rain, hurricanes and blizzards.


Requires no groundwork

Unlike orthodox concrete, concrete Lego blocks require no extra work beyond stacking the blocks and ensuring they’re connected together.


Save customers time and money

Concrete Lego blocks provide a quicker and cheaper solution for customers, saving both time and money on the project.


High levels of security

Concrete Lego blocks can be stacked high to prevent intruders from entering the premises. 


Have a degree of fire-resistance

Concrete Lego blocks are not combustible and will prevent fires from spreading.


Requires little to no maintenance

The resistance of concrete Lego blocks against harsh weathering means they need little or no maintenance to stay in good condition.


Provides acoustic and heat insulation

Concrete Lego blocks will keep sound out and keep heat in.


Can be easily moved when needs change 

The blocks can be lifted up (by a crane) to move or reuse  — just like lego blocks!

toys building a house with lego blocks

Applications for concrete Lego blocks

Concrete Lego blocks are useful in a range of applications. Some suggestions include:

Covered storage bays

The weather-resistance of concrete Lego blocks makes them a great choice for constructing storage solutions. Covered storage bays made from concrete Lego blocks will provide a shelter to protect equipment and other assets during harsh winters. They will also protect assets from fires, thanks to their fire-resistant quality.

Partitions/dividing walls

Concrete Lego blocks are great for creating temporary partitions or dividing walls. In addition to being quick to assemble, concrete Lego blocks are robust and will provide more security than a standard fence.

Retaining walls

Concrete Lego blocks stack on top of one another and lock into place to form a setback. This setback helps the wall support the pressure from the soil behind it.


Here at Doncaster Quickmix, we manufacture concrete Lego bricks from our Doncaster base. Customers in Doncaster, Rotherham, Sheffield and the surrounding areas can order concrete lego blocks for collection. To enquire about our products and services, get in contact with our team today.


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