Does the cold weather affect concrete?

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Posted on 18 October 2023

Are you wondering “Does the cold weather affect concrete?”. Then you’re not alone, as this is a question we often get asked here at Doncaster Quickmix. Cold weather can have a big impact on concrete, which is why it’s important to take precautions when you are working with it in low temperatures. Taking these steps helps you protect the quality and durability of your concrete. Slow curing, reduced strength and cracking are some issues you could face when laying concrete in cold weather. However, there are many things you can do to minimise your problems. 

How does cold weather affect concrete?

Slower curing

Cold temperatures can considerably slow down the curing process of concrete. The chemical reactions that give the concrete its strength and durability occur more slowly when temperatures are cold. Longer curing times can cause delays in construction schedules.

Reduced strengthConcrete Suppliers Mexborough

If concrete is exposed to very low temperatures before it’s been able to cure sufficiently, ice crystals can form inside it. These can weaken the structure.


Rapid fluctuations in temperature can cause thermal stresses inside the concrete. These stresses can cause cracking. This can compromise the structural integrity of the concrete and affect its appearance.

Delayed setting

As concrete can take longer to set in cold weather, it can be difficult to finish and work with it. It may stay in a plastic state for a long period, and this can make it harder to achieve a smooth finish.

Reduced workability

Cold weather can make concrete less workable so it’s harder to mix, place and finish. This means adjustments to the mix may be required. Additives may be needed to boost workability. 

What steps can I take to mitigate the adverse effects of cold weather on concrete?

Opt for heated curing

Applying heat to concrete during the curing process can speed up the chemical reactions and ensure it becomes sufficiently strong. Steps you can take to add heat to it include using curing blankets and insulated enclosures.

Changing the mix design

You can also adjust the mix design by adding special admixtures like accelerators to gain more control over setting time and improve workability in cold weather.

Protect the concrete

It’s also common for people to cover fresh concrete with insulating blankets to maintain a more stable temperature during cold weather and stop it from freezing.

Time the placement of concrete effectively

It can be beneficial to schedule the placement of concrete during warmer parts of the day. Don’t pour concrete when temperatures are predicted to drop significantly. This can help you minimise the impact of colder weather.

Use a mix that’s designed for colder weather

Cold-weather concrete mixes normally feature additives or accelerators that enable it to set and cure even when temperatures are low. Water content can be reduced to stop freezing and boost strength.

If you are planning on working with concrete during colder weather, it’s important to follow industry guidelines and talk to concrete specialists if you feel you require additional guidance.

Concrete Collection in DoncasterHow can I find the right concrete supplier?

Another way to ensure your project is successful is to ensure that you’re sourcing concrete from a reputable supplier and purchasing the right solution. Before you go ahead and order your concrete, find out what kind of mix, strength and quantity you need. If you don’t have a specific concrete supplier in mind, you could approach three or four suppliers to see what they have to offer before making your final decision.

Look for a company that has a great reputation and many years of industry experience. It may be possible to visit their facilities before you go ahead and order your concrete. This will let you know more about what to expect from the company and its products. The company should use modern equipment to produce your concrete and comply with industry standards. It’s also wise to get quotes from a number of companies. The most expensive option isn’t always the best, and it may be possible to source high-quality concrete for less than you think.

It can also be better to opt for a company that’s based close to your home or business premises so you can gain quick access to your ready mix in Rotherham. Don’t hesitate to ask as many questions as you need to before you go ahead and order your concrete.

Why choose Doncaster Quickmix?

Now you know how does the cold weather affect concrete, you may be wondering how Doncaster Quickmix can help. At Doncaster Quickmix, we’ve been manufacturing and supplying high-quality concrete since 2011. We are a leading choice for a host of businesses and individuals throughout the local area. Our team can work closely alongside you to ensure you’re receiving the perfect concrete solution. We can get high-quality concrete to you even at short notice, or you can opt to collect it from us.

We’re very proud to have several high-profile clients in our customer network. These include various local authorities, contractors and highway agencies. We are only happy when you are completely content with your durable, long-lasting and affordable concrete. All of our concrete meets BS8500 standards and we are regulated by the British Standards Institution. Our site is home to a fully automated batching plant where we can mix your concrete to your specific requirements. Our concrete can serve you well whether you’re working on a small DIY job or a large commercial project.

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