What can concrete be used for?

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Posted on 15 August 2023

Are you wondering “What can concrete be used for?”. If so, keep reading. Concrete is one of the most versatile materials around and is suitable for a whole host of purposes. This composite material is composed of cement, water and aggregates like crushed stone and sand has remained popular around the world for centuries. Let’s take a look at the most common uses of concrete right now.

Buildings and structures

Concrete is the ideal solution for the construction of buildings and structural elements. It is famous for its ability to withstand heavy loads and deliver outstanding structural stability. Some of the things it can help construct include bridges, dams, car parks and tall buildings. Walls, slabs, beams, columns and foundations can all be created using concrete.

Pavements and roadsReady mix Concrete in Doncaster

It is also a great choice for anyone wishing to construct a pavement or road. It ensures streets, pavements and airport runways have a rigid surface and offers outstanding durability as well as resistance to heavy traffic loads. Another key benefit is that it requires relatively resistant maintenance, which makes it a fantastic match for high-traffic areas like roads and pavements.

Infrastructure projects

This ever-popular material also plays a vital role in various infrastructure projects. It is perfect for tunnels, retaining walls, sewage systems and canal constructions. This is largely due to its impressive ability to resist corrosion and withstand everything that the British climate can throw at it.

Prefabricated elements

It’s also possible to cast concrete into pre-fab elements away from a main site and then move it to this location for installation. Components made from concrete that can be pre-cast include walls and flooring panels. Constructing these elements off-site can add efficiency and speed to all kinds of projects.

Decorative elements and water structures

You can also shape and colour concrete to create decorative elements including countertops, fireplace surrounds, patios, garden walls and patios. As concrete is so efficient at withstanding water pressure, it is a popular choice when reservoirs, water tanks, swimming pools, docks and piers are constructed.

Protective structures and environmental applications

Furthermore, it is also used to create a wide range of protective structures like bunkers and blast-resistant waters. This is partly due to its strength and ability to withstand high impacts and hazards. The material is also a popular choice for flood barriers and erosion control. It has an excellent ability to prevent soil erosion and protect vulnerable environments from water damage.

What are the main advantages of using concrete?

Now you know what can it be used for, you may be wondering what the key benefits of the material are. It is highly regarded for its outstanding durability and longevity. It’s able to withstand heavy loads, resist powerful forces like wind and even earthquakes and cope with harsh environmental conditions. Structures constructed from concrete tend to have exceptional lifespans. They can typically last for years before they need to be repaired or replaced.

Concrete also has high compressive strength. This is why it’s so adept at supporting heavy loads. It’s also a non-combustible material and is highly resistant to fire. It doesn’t cause flames to spread and is able to act as a barrier, giving people more time to escape a building if a fire does break out. It has impressive thermal mass properties too. This means it’s highly effective at absorbing, storing and releasing heat energy. It can help you regulate indoor temperatures and therefore reduce your reliance on heating and cooling systems.

Sustainability and cost-efficiency

It is a more environmentally friendly choice than many people think. Abundant raw materials including limestone can help produce it, as can recyclable materials including slag. You can also crush and recycle for future construction projects. The durability of concrete makes it a highly cost-effective choice in the long run. This is due to the way it allows you to make long-term maintenance, repair and replacement savings.

Who can help when I need concrete in Rotherham?

At Doncaster Quickmix, we are always here for you when you need concrete in Rotherham. We’re on your doorstep whenever you require access to the area’s most dependable concrete. As we are located so close to you, we’re able to keep our deliveries quick and our costs low. Perhaps you have little experience in ordering this material? If so, why not use the convenient calculator on our site? When you use this calculator, we’ll provide you with a specific price and delivery time so you can avoid any unpleasant financial surprises and know exactly when you’ll receive your concrete. You can also come and visit us in person to collect your concrete if you wish.

Expert customer advice

Our friendly customer service team are always on hand to help you if you do have any queries. They can provide you with in-depth advice on ready-mix concrete, screed, cemfloor, interlocking concrete blocks, dry and gypsol screed and self-compacting concrete so you can order with confidence. We also have a purpose-built concrete manufacturing plant on site that enables us to meet your requirements perfectly. We endeavour to deliver your concrete on the same day whenever possible, no matter how much concrete you need.

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