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Posted on 12 October 2020

What is concrete, its uses and benefits?  We take a look in this had infographic to answer all these questions.  At Doncaster Quickmix in Doncaster & Rotherham, we offer high-quality concrete to both the domestic and commercial industries.

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See below our infographic on what concrete is and its benefits.


What is Concrete (Infographic)


Do you want to find out more about concrete and what makes it so popular in the building and construction sectors? If so, you’re in the right place. At Doncaster Quickmix, we’ve been supplying concrete in Doncaster and Rotherham for many years and we have expert knowledge of this robust and versatile material. 

Concrete is a blend of aggregates and is bound together by a hydraulic binder. Normally consisting of materials like gravel and sand, it simulates the properties offered by rock. Water plays a big role in the binding process of concrete, which is often called artificial rock.

What are the benefits of concrete? 

Concrete has remained popular over the years for many reasons. The most commonly-used construction material in the world, it’s renowned for the way it resists compression. It can also be moulded into all kinds of shapes before it sets. Of all the materials on earth, concrete is the second most-used after water.

A big benefit of using concrete for a construction project is that it is incredibly cheap compared to many other materials. It has been used for thousands of years due to its affordability and strength. Another reason why concrete is used so frequently is that the materials needed to manufacture it are so widely available. 20 billion tonnes of concrete are used for all sorts of projects each year.

A safer, tougher option

Concrete is well-known for its high compression strength. It can offer strengths of up to 20,000 pressure per square inch. It is often reinforced with steel to make it even tougher. Interestingly, concrete becomes stronger and stronger as the years ago by. Although it reaches around 90% of its eventual strength after around a month, strengthening continues albeit at a much slower pace for years after this point. This is because it absorbs carbon dioxide whilst calcium hydroxide turns into calcium carbonate. Bacteria also influence the strengthening process. Concrete is famously resistant to fire and water too, which means it is renowned for keeping people safe. 

Concrete is often produced from materials which are locally-available, which means it has a relatively low carbon footprint too. Another eco-friendly attribute of concrete is that it doesn’t release volatile organic compounds into the air.  

What are the main uses of concrete? 

Today’s concrete is used to create all sorts of structures, including roads, bridges, pavement, curbs, dams, pipes, kerbs, pavements, and drains. Concrete is extremely versatile, making it ideal for many different applications. 

Concrete can be used as a stronger alternative to wood when reliable construction materials are required. It is also used for many underground projects thanks to its affordability and durability. Another reason concrete is chosen for so many projects is that it strengthens over time, making it perfect for constructions which are built to last for many years.  

Safety is a huge priority when it comes to building homes. As concrete doesn’t burn, it is commonly chosen for houses and apartment construction. Due to its such impressive structural integrity, it offers extra protection from extreme weather and can even keep people safe during earthquakes.  

Are concrete and cement the same thing?

Many people confuse concrete with cement, assuming they are the same. However, cement only makes up around 10-15% of concrete. Up to 20% of concrete is made from water, with around two-thirds of it consisting of aggregates like sand and gravel.

Why choose us?

At Doncaster and Rotherham Quickmix, we are ready to assist you if you require concrete of the highest standard. We have been serving the people and businesses of South Yorkshire for almost a decade and can get high-quality concrete to you quickly. We are one of the region’s leading suppliers of concrete, cemfloor and screed. Whether you need ready mix concrete, self-compacting concrete or concrete blocks, we can help. There’s a big chance we’ll be able to provide you with same-day delivery if you need it so your project doesn’t have to grind to a halt.

Concrete in Doncaster and Rotherham

As our customers’ needs can vary so much, we work hard to tailor orders to your specific requirements. We offer some of the most competitive prices on the market, but this never means settling for less when it comes to quality. Our fleet of  4, 6 and 8 cubic metre trucks allow us to easily get big orders out to you, and we constantly invest in the best high-tech equipment to continue meeting your needs. We can bring your products out to you or drop them off at a pick-up point if this is more convenient for you.

Concrete for domestic customers

If you’re a domestic customer seeking concrete for a home improvement project, we can help. We have vast experience when it comes to helping people getting household jobs completed to the highest standard. Don’t worry if you’re not quite sure what you need. Our expert advisors can provide you with all the information you need. We can provide the perfect blend for your requirements. Our concrete is ideal for building walls and laying down robust concrete floors.

Commercial concrete

We are also proud to have a host of commercial customers amongst our clientele. Our concrete is perfect for construction sites and renovation projects. BSI accredited professionals can help you get the job done in style and ensure your structure stands the test of time. Our batching plants and trucks ensure your concrete and screed are kept fresh and delivered to you promptly. We also have a wet batch plant to shorten the loading process.

Don’t compromise on quality

Choose a local concrete supplier that offers fast delivery and lets you collect your concrete as soon as you need it. Our concrete meets BS8500 standards and is mixed directly towards your requirements.  There’s also a handy concrete calculator on our website that will help you order the right materials for your needs.

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