What is the difference between cement and concrete?

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Posted on 10 November 2022

If you’ve been wondering “What is the difference between cement and concrete?” read on. Many people presume that cement and concrete are the same thing, yet cement is an ingredient of concrete in reality. Concrete is a mix of aggregates and paste, and the aggregates normally include sand, gravel or crushed stone, with the paste being formed from water and Portland cement. If you’re looking for concrete and concrete suppliers in Rotherham & Doncaster, help is available.

What is cement?

Cement is a bonding agent which is used in concrete. It’s important to acknowledge the difference between concrete and cement. Many people wrongly use these names interchangeably. Cement isn’t another word for concrete – it is a component of it that’s combined with water to form a paste to bind together the materials used to make concrete.

What is concrete?Interlocking Concrete Blocks Sheffield

Concrete is a tough building material made from components like cement which is used for a host of purposes. It can be used to create buildings and pavements. As it is made from several materials, it is described as a composite product. Cement is the bonding agent that’s used to bind these materials together.

How much cement is in concrete and how is concrete made?

Cement tends to comprise between 10 – 15% of the concrete mix. During the hydration process, the cement and water harden. This causes the aggregates to be bound into a tough rocklike mass. The hardening process carries on for years, and this is why concrete only gets tougher with age.

Is cement used for any other purposes?

Cement isn’t just used to make concrete. It is also frequently used in mortar for plastering purposes and grout for masonry. Cement is never used alone as it is a bonding agent used to bond various materials together.

What other applications is concrete used for?

Concrete is the world’s most commonly used manmade material. Virtually every construction project uses concrete due to its outstanding strength, dependability and durability. When it’s not being used to create buildings and pavements, it plays a pivotal role in creating drains, kerbs, bridges and more.

What is cement made from?

Cement is a mix of various materials which have been extracted from clay, limestone, marl, chalk, sand, iron ore, bauxite and shale. Materials taken from limestone make most cement.

What is concrete made from?

Concrete consists of sand, cement and gravel or other fine aggregates. When construction professionals are ready to activate cement, they add water to it.

How is cement manufactured?

The materials used to make cement are crushed and heated to a temperature of approximately 1500°C. At this stage, the product is called ‘clinker’. It is then ground into a fine powder and packaged up so it can be activated with water when needed.

How is concrete made?

In order for concrete to be manufactured, aggregates, water and cement are blended together to create a mix which can be poured into a mould. Once water and cement are combined, a chemical reaction is generated. This is known as hydration. The concrete starts to harden once the hydration process is underway. The concrete needs to be added to the mould before it becomes too hard.

What is curing?

The curing process involves ensuring enough moisture, heat and time are available to make the hydration process a successful one. You shouldn’t stand on concrete for a few days once it has been poured. The curing process technically carries on forever, but concrete does get close to its maximum strength after around 28 days.

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