How to Protect Your Concrete Driveway Through All Seasons

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Posted on 16 August 2022

A concrete driveway requires very little maintenance over its lifetime. It’s compressive strength, durability and imperviousness to harsh weather conditions make it one of the most reliable and long-lasting surfaces of any in the world. Despite these advantages, there are extra steps you can take to keep your driveway in pristine condition all year round. Take a look at the following tips on How to Protect Your Concrete Driveway Through All Seasons.

How to protect your concrete driveway:

Below are the most common ways to protect your driveway throughout the year. Usually, by following the below guideline this will help to protect your concrete surface.


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A sealer should be applied to your concrete driveway every 3-5 years minimum. To keep your driveway in top condition, consider applying a sealer more regularly. There are many benefits to a regular application of concrete sealer, including:

  • Prevents thermal shocks — drastic temperature gradients can create cracks in the surface by causing different areas of the surface to expand. Sealing your driveway will protect the surface from cracks and keep your driveway looking good as new.
  • Removes stains — Oil spillages, bird mess and other miscellaneous stains are bound to spoil your driveway over time. Using a sealer will remove these stains and keep your driveway looking cleaner and newer.
  • Improves glossiness — A glossy finish will significantly enhance the aesthetics of your concrete driveway. A layer of sealer will leave a reflective, glossy sheen on your driveway surface.


If you plan to clean your driveway regularly but don’t wish to use a sealer every time, a top tip is to power wash your entire driveway surface. This only needs to be done every few months to prevent the build-up of stubborn stains.

Don’t use de-icing chemicals

It’s natural to want to apply de-icing products on your driveway during the winter however, common chemicals found in these products can corrode the concrete. This, in turn can cause serious marks on your driveway. Also, Ammonium nitrates should always be avoided.

You also shouldn’t use rock salt to combat an icy surface. Salt can also contribute to concrete damage by discolouring the surface and corroding the rebar underneath. 

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Plough the snow

In addition to the risk of thermal shock, snow settling onto your driveway can lead to dangerous changes underneath the surface. Furthermore, snow that settles but isn’t removed will melt and permeate the concrete with excess moisture. The ground underneath your driveway can shift in reaction to the moisture exposure, which in turn will cause structural alterations on the concrete above it, including creating significant cracks.

To protect your driveway, shovel any settled snow off of your driveway. Do this with a plastic shovel, as metal shovels can cause chips and cracks in the concrete as it hits the surface.


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