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Posted on 18 July 2022

Do you know what floor screed is and what its benefits are? Perhaps you have a vague idea but are keen to learn more? In this article, we’ll give you a comprehensive answer to the question ‘what is floor screed?’ so you can find out not only what it is but what its benefits are. Doncaster Quickmix is a leading supplier.in South Yorkshire, trusted by domestic and commercial customers throughout the region. Read on to find out more about what it is and why you might need it for your project. 

What is ScreedWhat can I use screed for?  

What is Screed? 

It commonly acts as a flooring solution in construction projects. It is a particularly popular option when it comes to underfloor heating due to the way it ensures heat is distributed more evenly throughout a home or business premises. The improved heat distribution that it delivers can help you to reduce your energy costs.  

In itself is a thin top later of material that’s laid over concrete subfloors. It is normally made from cement and sharp sand. During the screed production process, a 1:3 or 1:4.5 ratio of cement to sharp sand is achieved. It can sometimes include cementitious and latex products, water and anhydrite binders. Screed is commonly added to finishing materials, including floorboards, tiles and carpets.  

More uses for this type of flooring 

If you need to level out a concrete sub-base that’s noticeably uneven, screed may well be the solution. It can also support stress throughout the drying process, offering extra tolerance for sensitive floor finishes. In underfloor heating systems, screed can cover and bury pipes. This makes heat distribution more effective and optimises the performance of underfloor heating systems.   

What kinds are available?  

Various types are ideal for many home improvement projects around the UK. These include traditional, which create level surfaces on floors created from sand cement. Self-levelling compounds are used when a higher degree of tolerance is needed to apply sensitive floor finishes. Reinforced screeds can support stress on screed that sometimes occurs during the drying process. Materials used to reinforce screed can include the metal mesh. Reinforced can also prevent problems like shrinkage, cracking and curling. Liquid screeds are also known as Anhydrite and free-flowing screeds. These are ideal for use in a wide range of domestic and commercial projects.   

Where is it most commonly used?   

Floor screed is in use in a wide range of environments. These include not only residential homes but offices, retail units, airports and schools, to give just a few examples. Screed can be applied to solid, in-situ and precast concrete floor slaps. It is sometimes laid on top of insulating materials too.   

What is the difference between screed and concrete?   

Dry Screed Suppliers in Doncaster

Many people find themselves confused about the difference between screed and concrete due to them sharing so many similarities. Screed and concrete both feature a mixture of cement, water and aggregate. However, concrete is much coarser than screed. It is also stronger than screed since it consists of more hardcore aggregates. Also, it has finer aggregates, giving it a smoother finish.   

Where can I source a high-quality screed?   

Now you have the answer to the question ‘what is screed?’, you may now be wondering where you can source it from. If you need to find suppliers in Doncaster or Rotherham, we can help. At Doncaster Quickmix, we are proud to be a leading supplier in South Yorkshire. We deliver quality screed to homes and companies throughout the region and can provide you with flowing and dry screed. As we are a local company, we can deliver your product quickly, allowing you to begin your project in no time at all. 

High-quality floor screed in Doncaster and Rotherham   

We are a leading supplier of self-levelling floor screed in Rotherham and Doncaster. This kind ensures your floor will be level once you have laid it down. Self-levelling screed is a leading choice due to its durability as well as its easy maintenance. We can provide you with the ideal mix of concrete and sharp sand to ensure your project is a successful one. Whether you’re laying it down in a high or low-traffic environment, you can rest assured that it will stand the test of time.   

Which kind of screed should I purchase?   

There is no need to worry if you’re not quite sure which kind you require. Simply get in touch so we can match you up with the perfect type o for your project. Our screed specialists are ready to hear from you right now.   

How do I order it?   

If you are ready to order your screed in Doncaster or Rotherham, you’ll be happy to know that the process is a simple one. The first step to take is to give us a call to tell us what kind of screed you need and how much you require. There is a handy calculator on our website that you can use if you’re not quite sure how much to purchase. Once we have provided you with a quote, you can then book a convenient time and date for your delivery.   

We are only happy when you are totally content with our service. You’re welcome to contact us at any time if you do have any queries about any of the products or services provided by Doncaster Quickmix. We can also cater for you whenever you require concrete of the highest standards that meet BS8500 standards. Doncaster Quickmix is home to a fully automated batching plant and we can mix concrete to meet your specific requirements.   

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If you have been wondering ‘what is screed?’ and are now eager to place your order, contact us today. You can reach us by completing the form on our site, or by calling 01302 972997 (Doncaster), 01709 807977 (Rotherham). We’ll get back to you as quickly as we possibly can. 

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